Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Post-Adoption Parenting Conference

 November 6-7, 2015
The West Campus Ministry Center, Austin, TX

Rooted ATX is presented by Hope for Orphans in partnership with the For the City Network and hosted by Austin Stone Community Church. The conference will be held in Austin, Texas at the Austin Stone Community Church West Campus Ministry Center located in Westlake Hills.

Adoptive and foster families across America are struggling with children who are dealing with PTSD, neglect, hurt and rejection in their past. Many of these families are in full crisis and their church or orphan ministry is not positioned to help.

At Rooted, we believe that families in crisis, both parents and children, will have the best outcomes only through the understanding of, and obedience to, the transformational power of the gospel. The gospel-centric parenting skills you learn at Rooted are likewise built on complementary developmental clinical research that will address the unique challenges you are facing. This event is for those who need help in understanding the biblical view of the dynamics in your home that are critical to raising at-risk children.

Through its gospel-centered parenting model, Rooted focuses on a foundational understanding of our identity and nature, God’s design in the roles of men and women, understanding spiritual warfare and the role of the body of Christ within the local church for parents who are struggling.

Rooted is based on the presupposition that we can learn much from God’s design for family and how He parents those who belong to Him. We believe that the greatest need of all children is not to become attached to parents, but to their perfect, saving Heavenly Father through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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