Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Adoption Move to be Shown in Naperville, IL

The Fox Valley Adoption Group in Illinois is promoting/hosting a new movie called Somewhere Between.
They need to sell 73 tickets in order for the event to happen. Everyone who is interested needs to reserve their ticket with a valid credit card. Credit Cards will not be charged until the event threshold is sold.

Tickets are $10 each and must be reserved by November 19th at http://www.tugg.com/events/2052

Here's the description of the movie from the website:

In profiling Chinese adoptees in contemporary America, Linda Goldstein Knowlton's (THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SESAME STREET) deeply moving documentary illustrates that even the most specific of experiences can be universally relatable. Of the roughly 80,000 girls who have been adopted from China since 1989—a decade after China implemented its One Child Policy—the film intimately follows four teenagers: Haley, Jenna, Ann, and Fang. These four wise-beyond-their-years, yet typical American teens, reveal a heartbreaking sense of selfawareness as they attempt to answer the uniquely human question, “Who am I?” They meet and bond with other adoptees, some journey back to China to reconnect with the culture, and some reach out to the orphaned girls left behind. In their own ways, all attempt to make sense of their complex identities. Issues of belonging, race, and gender are brought to life through these articulate subjects, who approach life with honesty and open heart.
I'll see you there!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I hope you'll read the story below from the the latest newsletter from the Spoon Foundation.  This foundation seeks to improve nutrition for orphaned, fostered or adopted children.  www.spoonfoundation.org

Below is a snapshot of two precious, severely malnourished girls who found their forever families.  You won't believe the before and after pictures!

A little over a year ago something really important happened. We walked into a place that would change our lives forever.

We met two sweet angels. This is the first time we met Francesca. Francesca was exactly what I expected. A friend of mine had met her when she adopted her little one, so I knew a lot about her.

And little Victoria, who never, ever smiled. The orphanage director described her as having no spirit. When I first saw her, I was stunned. She was totally shut down and showed no emotions. We had to decide within a day if we wanted to adopt her. We could choose to leave her. In my mind, there was a huge risk involved.

Victoria’s eyes haunted me. When we left the orphanage that day, I couldn't’t get her eyes out of my mind. We made the decision that we couldn't’t leave her. No matter what her abilities would be, she deserved more.
To read the rest of the story, click here: http://adoptionnutrition.org/nutrition-profile-archive/nutrition-profile-12/ 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Webinar: Parenting Children with Drug Related Birth Defects

Alliance Webinar Series
The Christian Alliance for Orphans Webinar Series is designed to help individuals like you create and grow effective adoption, foster care and global orphan ministry in local churches.
You're Invited...

FAS and NAS: Alcohol and

Drug Related Birth Defects

 This webinar will explain FASD and NAS and offer an introductory view of their implications for the life of a family. It will discuss symptoms, assessments, the school system, daily life, and how they effect the brain. This will be a great session for those who have children affected or those that are considering adopting a child with alcohol or drug related effects. It will address many of the fears and give a real life picture of what raising children with FAS and NAS really is like. Join this session to better equip yourself to love and serve these children and families affected by FAS/NAS in your own communities and congregations.
The webinar will be led by Amanda Preston--adoptive and foster mom to 6 (several of whom are affected with FAS) and night student working towards a B.S. in Social Work.


Presenter: Amanda Preston, Speaker and Adoptive/Foster Mom
Date: TUESDAY, October 30, 2012 Time: 1:00 PM Eastern

Each 60-minute webinar in this series will give local advocates access to the knowledge and experience of top Alliance member churches and organizations nationwide, covering key topics on adoption, foster care and/or global orphan care. Every webinar will be hosted by a local church orphan ministry and co-presented by one or more national experts on the subject matter. This pairing will deliver a combination of specialist information and resources alongside a “here’s how it works in a real church” perspective.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Parenting Class at Sunnyridge

Risks and Realities of Parenting
Why Do Children Do What They Do?
Saturday, October 20, 2012
9:00am - 12:00pm
Sunny Ridge Family Center, Bolingbrook
Sunny Ridge Family Center presents
Clinical Pediatric Psychologist

Are you parenting or preparing to parent a child who may have been prenatally exposed to alcohol, tobacco or other drugs? While parenting certainly has its many rewards, there are also risks and realities which every parent needs to be of aware of. Come hear from Dr. Dan Griffith, Ph.D., a clinical pediatric psychologist, who will provide insights on the risks and realities of parenting with these challenges - and help us better understand why children do what they do. Topics to be covered:

Dan GriffithParenting A Child At Risk
  • Developmental tasks for children
  • The effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD)
  • The long-term risks and realities the exposure may present
Managing Sensory and Regulatory Difficulties In Children
  • Why do children do what they do?
  • The role of sensory processing in determining behavior
  • A model for understanding behavior through sensory processing and sensory/regulatory concepts
  • Promoting successful parenting through helping children to know what they are supposed to do and to be able to do it
$35 Workshop Registration fee
$45 for 3 CEU’s for LSW/LCSW’s (Provider #159.001117)
$45 for 3 CPDU’s for teachers, counselors and personnel who need CPDU’s (Provider #120313153244635).
FOSTER PARENTS: This workshop has been approved for foster parent training credits. Licensed foster/adoptive families can receive 3 hours of training credits.
Register two or more and save $5 per registration.
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Dan Griffith is a licensed clinical psychologist and has years of experience in research and clinical practice with high risk infants/children and their families. Dr. Griffith has expertise in psychological/developmental/educational assessment and intervention with children, parent child relations and parental effectiveness training, research design and implementation, and program evaluation. He has worked with a number of high risk populations including: domestic and international adoptees, premature and/or low birth weight infants, infants/children prenatally exposed to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD), children with sensory/regulatory problems including ADHD and autism, and children with learning disabilities.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adoption/Foster Care Panel at Park Community Church

Interested in adoption or foster care? Join Park Community Church's Adoption Community as they bring together a panel of parents who have adopted, adoption professionals, and adults from Park Community who were adopted as children. This is a great place to ask questions, gather information, and find community on your adoption journey.
Adoption & Foster Care Panel
Thursday, October 25 6:30 - 9 pm
Park Community Church - Near North Campus
1001 N. Crosby, Chicago, IL 60610
  Please RSVP to Renee macrenee1@hotmail.com to attend.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Orphan Sunday Event at Willow Creek

Thousands of churches across the U.S. and around the globe will celebrate Orphan Sunday, calling Christians to reflect God's heart for orphans through adoption, foster care and global initiatives.
Please join us at Willow Creek as we host our annual Orphan Sunday event!
Sunday, November 18th, 2012
5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Willow Creek Community Church
67 E. Algonquin Road, South Barrington, IL 60010
Room b100 (under the chapel)

Guest Speaker C.H. Dyer, President of Bright Hope and Adoptive Dad, will talk about what adoption looks like in our world today, and why we, as believers, need to be engaged here and around the world where the local church is not. Check out Craig's bio here.
Ministry Expo: Discover serving opportunities and resources from adoption, foster care and orphan care ministries including D.C.F.S., LifeSong for Orphans, Safe Families, Bethany Christian Services, Reece's Rainbow, Sunnyridge Family Center and more!
Heart Gallery of IL: View the gallery of portraits to see & pray for the names and faces of kids in foster care that need permanent families to call their own.
Pick up a hand made Christmas Stocking to fill for a child in need.

A light dinner will be provided.

Childcare is available if you e-mail the number of children and their ages to vcministry127@gmail.com.

To find an Ophan Sunday event in your area visit www.orphansunday.org and click on "map".

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Celebration of Christmas with FFH

Lifesong for Orphans is excited to announce an upcoming Christmas concert featuring FFH with special guests from Lifesong Zambia. This concert will provide a excellent opportunity for churches to bring awareness to their orphan ministry while enjoying a unique performance celebrating the birth of our King!
Buy tickets today online* or at the door for the following locations:
November 17th Olathe Bible Church / Kansas City area
November 23rd The Gathering (concert & dessert) / Chattanooga area
November 25th Covenant Presbyterian Church / Birmingham, AL
December 1st First Baptist McKinney / Dallas area
December 8th Heritage Church / Quad Cities
December 9th Elmbrook Church / Milwaukee area
December 13th Southern Baptist Theological Seminary / Louisville, KY
December 16th Bethany Baptist Church / Peoria area
A love offering will be taken during the concert and 100% will go towards orphan care!
*Tickets sold online have a processing fee included in the ticket price.
100% of all donations to Lifesong for Orphans will go to caring for orphans
(no administrative costs will be deducted).

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monthly Pot-Luck Gathering

Monthly Pot-Luck Gathering

for Adoptive, Foster and Safe Families, and those who support them.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Willow Creek Community Church, 67 E. Algonquin Road, So. Barrington IL

Room F150 (park in lot F and follow signs to room F150, downstairs)

 This month we are excited to have Peter Woodbine, Director of Quality and Training from Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley come and speak to us.
This will be part one of a series on the topic of working with birth parents.

BRIDGING THE GAP: The importance of working with the birth parent(including a theological perspective), Roadblocks (including grief cycle of the birth parent, and how the “system” shapes our thinking towards abusive parents), and a foster parent who will share about their recent experience interacting with a birthparent.

This is essential information to think about if you are interested in building a relationship with the parents of the children whom you are providing care. We hope you can come to hear insights from, these experienced individuals, as the Vulnerable Children’s Ministry at Willow seeks to support you in the important work that you are doing. DCFS credit hours will be awarded for all licensed foster parents who attend this meeting.

Please bring a dish to share.  Beverages will be provided.
Child care is available if you r.s.v.p.with the number of children and their ages  to Dina at vcministry127@gmail.com. 




Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent with Attachment Issues

The following is taken from a post by Dawn Greer Choate (7/31/2007).  It addresses a common, but rarely talked about issue in the adoption community, the issue of what happens when we as parents are not attaching to our newly adopted child.  If you have been in this place, you know the pain and shame it can bring.  Here is a beautifully candid article that addresses the issue.  My prayer is that it opens a dialogue in the adoption community and brings hope & healing to those who are suffering.

Maybe I should have left my name off this one. Perhaps I could have been one of the anonymous writers who change their name to protect their identity. I will probably open my inbox to find I’ve been booted off a Yahoo adoption group or two after this confession. I’m sure I won’t be invited to the next LifeBook creation group or called up by the Discovery Channel to cover my next adoption. But, I’m not really confessing this to win any popularity contests anyway. The truth is, I am quite certain that what I am about to confess is a dark, deeply held secret of other adoptive parents out there and I am just the one with the big enough mouth to say it. Okay, here I go….

I have attachment issues. Yes, me. Not my daughter (our second adoption), although she has her own set of attachment issues, too. But I am talking about me. After a year and a half, my heart still struggles to latch on firmly, to feel free and open with her, to feel the wonderful bonded feeling of being completely attached in heart and spirit to another person. I still catch myself looking blankly at her, wondering if I even know her yet. I am still more easily frustrated by her, less patient, slower to forgive and recover after she misbehaves. I still have to fight feelings of wanting to pay more attention to the children with whom it is “easier” to feel close. And sometimes I am the one who can go without contact with her and not feel like I even miss her absence........
To read the full article, please click on the following link:
http://www.rainbowkids.com/ExpertArticleDetails.aspx?id=171&title=Confessions of an Adoptive Parent with Attachment Issues

Monday, October 1, 2012

Parenting Classes for Adoptive & Foster Parents

Parenting the Theraplay Way

Parenting The Theraplay Way:
Attachment-Based Therapeutic Parenting for Your Adopted/Foster Child

Saturday, October 13, 2012
9:00am to 5:00pm
Sunny Ridge Family Center, Bolingbrook

Sunny Ridge is pleased to welcome The Theraplay Institute, an organization that has been helping parents build better relationships with their children for over 40 years. They understand that adopted and foster children often need a different kind of parenting, and that these parenting skills may not just come naturally to even the best parent. Their experts understand the neurological and developmental issues that might be challenging your child, and they will give you specific ideas and techniques to help you bring joy, fun, and laughter back home to your family.
The Theraplay Institute will share what you need to know about attachment and trauma, and how parenting “The Theraplay Way” will address your child’s challenges. You will see the activities being used with other families, and you will practice some of them to give you confidence to try them at home. This program is also appropriate for pre-adoptive parents as well as for extended family members such as grandparents, and aunts and uncles.
The workshop will address such issues as:
  • How to help your child feel more comfortable accepting your guidance and leadership.
  • How to nip negative behaviors in the bud without being punitive.
  • How to get away from constant rewards and threats of consequence.
  • How to discipline your child in a way that is effective and fosters learning rather seeming to make the child feel ashamed and vengeful.
  • How to integrate playful, reciprocal interactions that will enhance your child’s sense of well-being and self-esteem.
  • How to foster a feeling of connection and joy between you and your child that will last beyond the time of the actual activity/event.
Workshop Fee: $95 for the full-day workshop; $150 per couple; includes light refreshments (lunch on your own; you may bring a sack lunch if you wish)

CEU’s are available (6.5) - Register on-line directly at The Theraplay Institute or call Janet Koestring at (847) 256-7334, extension 104