Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 Tips for Supporting Families Going Back to School

Back To School

The start of school can be a major transition for foster and adoptive families.  After a long summer of activities, afternoons at the pool, and plenty of time to build parent-child relationships, getting back into a routine with school can often be a demanding transition.

Thankfully, there are tangible opportunities for you to support foster and adoptive families this school year. Pick one (or more) ways to support a foster or adoptive family, and commit to it throughout the entire school year.


5 Tips for Supporting Families
Going Back to School

  • This year, offer to take the kids to school just one day of the week or cover the carpool for an extracurricular activity.  It's only one day to you, but a huge difference to a family.
  • Support back-to-school night activities by providing a quick meal, child care, or organizing a school dates calendar.
  • What's the child's favorite character? Consider giving a folder, pencils, band-aids or a lunch bag featuring their favorite character.
  • Volunteer as the "labeler" or book covering specialist! 
  • Offer regular time as a homework helper or tutor
    • Listen to a child read-aloud
    • Practice multiplication, geography facts or tying shoelaces
    • Be the book report Coordinator


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