Sunday, September 20, 2015

Help Send Chinese Orphans to School

September, 2015 

It's back to school time. Can you help?



Our education program serves 65 children from various orphanages in Jiangxi province in China.

We have some very bright young adults whom we've helped get through college or vocational training programs, and are now launched successfully into the work force, and we're very proud of them.  What a change this is from years past when they would just languish in the Welfare Institute as adults.  And we have some more orphans now ready for the same advanced training and education.

We also support many disabled children who really need the stimulation, patient teaching, and steady rehab training only a special education facility offers. Those facilities are few and far between in China; it's very exciting that we've located some for children that didn't previously have access to one, especially in Shangrao and Yichun.

Naturally, that kind of intense, specialized training comes at a price. We're seeking donations to be able to send these children to a school that gives them their best chance at fulfilling their potential.

So far we know that at least 15 kids will need full or partial scholarships for the school year starting now. 

For a listing of children, more information and to sponsor a student, click HERE.


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