Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Man's Prayerful Consideration to Adopt

The following post is taken from Faith Focus, a weekly devotional from Buckner International.

I was a little nervous when my wife and I first discussed the idea of adopting a waiting child. With two girls in the family already, everything had to be considered, including the living arrangements, cost of care, our ability to emotionally handle whatever circumstances might arise and, most importantly, could we give the child the chance in life they would truly need?

Was God really asking us to consider this option? Were we being impatient? We knew we had to be honest with ourselves and make sure we truly believed we could provide a waiting child with the home he or she deserved. We also had to make sure we sensed in our hearts that this child was supposed to be "one of us."

Meeting with our social worker to discuss the waiting child list helped us. We worked through a medical condition worksheet that forced us to be real about what challenges we felt would work within our family. After our social worker left, we had a total peace about what was in front of us and began looking almost daily at the waiting child listings. We knew it would be clear to us which child was supposed to be our child.

The day we saw our son for the first time on the webpage, my wife and I broke down in tears. She found him first and sent me a message at work. I logged in and she did not even have to point him out to me. As soon as I saw his face I knew which child she would direct me to.

Four months later, we traveled to Korea and brought him home. He has taught us how to be more loving, less self-centered and the joy of life itself. He is a perfect fit for us and our lives would truly be incomplete without him.

God calls us to love the fatherless (Isaiah 1:17), and there is no better way I can think of than building your family through adoption!

Brady Speers and his family live in Texas. They adopted their son from Korea through Dillon International

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