Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Make Way Partners: Baby Cristobal

Below is a blog post from Kimberly Smith of Make Way Partners, a ministry devoted to the most vulnerable and least protected, to end human trafficking.   I have been receiving blog posts from Kimberly for probably a year now.  Some of them have given me sleepless nights.  Some have driven me to tears.  Some have brought great joy and celebration as reports of God's miraculous ways are reported.   All have shown me the desperate plight of orphans, especially in Sudan.  Below is a recent blog post regarding a baby named Cristobal.  I encourage you to pray for him and the many orphaned children in Sudan. 
Baby Cristobal was born on Christmas Day, 2011. In the same moment he drew his first breath, his young mother exhaled her last. Her tender life was snuffed out because there was no one with proper training to tend her during Cristobal’s delivery. When her labor didn’t progress as quickly as those attending her thought it should, they applied too heavy pressure upon her abdomen. She bled to death. In a land with no hospitals, and scant medical or midwife training, it is often left for babies to help other babies deliver babies.
        Keeping with the local legend for babies of mothers who die in childbirth, Cristobal was abandoned and left for dead, so that he could join his mother. The day after Christmas someone dared to break tradition, and snuck Cristobal to Romano, the director of our Hope for Sudan orphanage. Cristobal was severely malnourished, and struggling for his life.
        Four months into the battle for his fragile life, death is still clawing after this baby boy. He grew ill a few days ago and began refusing to eat. He has malaria. This frail child has no reserve to survive even the slightest illness, and there is nothing slight about childhood malaria. Malaria is, in fact, the number one killer of children.
        Amos, (our Health Manager) and Eugenio (logistician) are working to get him airlifted to Kijabi hospital in Kenya.
        The logistics of getting a child with no documentation across international borders is a huge challenge in itself. Coordinating flights in and out of war-torn Sudan certainly complicates the issue. It will take a couple of days to work out all these logistics. Please pray for Cristobal’s strength as he waits. Also, of course, for the doctors and care givers that will tend him.
If you would like to partner with us to cover Cristobal’s travel and medical expenses, please click here.

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