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New Book: 10 Things You Need to Know About Older Child Adoption

Mother-Daughter Team Advocates with Fasten Your Sweet Belt: 10 Things You Need to Know About Older Child Adoption

Raleigh, NC: What happened when an ordinary couple welcomed three siblings ages 7, 12 and 14 from Uganda into their North Carolina home? Life became full of trials and miraculous triumphs, and the author soon discovered that while there were many resources for infant adoption, she could find no practical tools to help her with the challenge of parenting her older adopted children.

“There are books discussing psychological issues in older adoptees, but I needed practical, every day advice about how to cleave these children into our family,” says Jodi Jackson Tucker, the author.

Inspired by her adoptive daughter’s insights about her experience, Tucker decided to collaborate with her to pen a book on older child adoption. “We want to help other kids and families on this journey,” Tucker said.

Using humor and no nonsense advice, the book chronicles ten important lessons the author has learned about parenting older adoptive children, and concludes with a sweet memoir by her daughter, Agnes, 15, complete with advice for others like her.

Today, Jodi and Agnes Tucker are speaking at conferences about their experiences to encourage older orphan adoption and to ease children’s acclimation into life with a family. Their book, published by Outskirts Press for $13.95, is available at and

What people are saying about Fasten Your Sweet Belt:

"Jodi Jackson Tucker is wise and winsome, as vivacious as she is insightful. This book reflects all of that and more from a woman and her daughter who know intimately both the challenges and the beauty of adoption." - Jedd Medefind, President, Christian Alliance for Orphans

"If you are an adoptive or prospective adoptive parent looking for a book that will help you navigate the waters of an older child adoption, Fasten Your Sweet Belt should be your go-to book. Jodi Jackson Tucker and her daughter Agnes have provided an insightful and compelling look at the journey that adoption is. Read it more than once."

- Dan Cruver, Director, Together for Adoption

“I devoured your incredible book. I laughed and sobbed as I read your amazing, touching story. And then just when I caught my breath, I read your daughter’s portion. What a treasure she is. Her willingness to share her gifts with the world is simply remarkable.”

- Sandy Crane, adoption social worker

“You had insight that I haven't found in other books. Going into adoption is a scary process and we never know what will happen. You kept that fact real and also showed what a gift these children have been, making all the struggles worth it! I loved Agnes' point of view, she wrote very well and was so honest.”

– Mary K, contemplating adoption "This is what I'm thankful for today: this book on older child adoption. I opened it to see the dedication page. Then I thought I'd just glance at the introduction. Well 1 hour, 143 pages and half a box of tissues later - this book was 'church' for me today. The Tucker family is such a blessing!!!!!"

– Jennifer B, grandmother

“I just read Fasten your Sweet Belt. It was a wonderful book! I highly recommend it to anyone considering older child adoption or those who have already welcomed a non-baby into the house! - Michelle Caldwell, adoptive parent From Reader Reviews: This book is a MUST READ for anyone considering older child adoption, those who are in the process, and those who have already brought their children home. I found this book to be full of wisdom and encouragement. What makes this book different from the more "clinical" adoption books is that it is written by a mother who is still in the trenches. The real life examples make it easy to relate the book to what is happening in your home. Jodi's honesty about those things she wished she had done differently leaves room for me to feel like I am not the only adoptive mom who isn't perfect! I find that very encouraging. Even though our oldest adopted son came home over two years ago and our newest addition has been home 7 months, this book is still very applicable. I found a lot of information to help me better understand my adopted teen, in particular.

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