Friday, February 10, 2012

Intercountry Adoption Survey

Please read the following important message from Joint Council. This is a unique opportunity for your voice be heard!

As we announced yesterday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has released a survey the results of which will  inform U.S. government policy makers on adoptive families’ experiences when interacting with U.S. government officials during the intercountry adoption process. The survey seeks to collect responses from adoptive families, potential adoptive families and adoption service providers.
This survey respresents a unique opportunity for the adoption community to share their experiences and express their opinions regarding the services provided by the U.S. government. We strongly encourage all Joint Council supporters who have adopted internationally or who have facilitated intercountry adoptions to participate in the survey and to encourage others to do so as well.
In my five years at Joint Council, I have fielded innumerable calls and emails requesting assistance during interactions with our government. Some of those calls expressed postive experiences, but the vast majority were problems needing resolution. Please use this opportunity to share your experiences directly with a key U.S. government policy maker, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Adoptive parent or prospective adoptive parent, please use the following link:
Adoption Service Providers, please use the following link:
Best Wishes,
Tom DiFilipo

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