Monday, January 11, 2010

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

I just found out this afternoon that today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. I think anyone would agree that this is an issue that deserves our attention. So many times we are appalled by offenses such as human trafficking, but wonder how God can use our everyday lives to be a voice for the mostly women and children caught in the web of this crime. Below is an invitation from Jackie Herron, Compassion & Justice Director at Willow Creek North Shore. I urge you to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to learn more and get involved so that we can advocate on behalf of these vulnerable women & children. Here's Jackie's message:

I'm inviting you to be a part of a special opportunity WCNS has to host a screening of Call + Response- a documentary film on Human Trafficking. I have seen it twice and it is amazing. It is both a concert and film all in one. We are also hosting the director, Justin Dillon as well. It will be incredible!! He is an amazing example of someone who found their Holy Discontent!

Our goal is to educate (call) and help create action (response) to the issue of Human Trafficking today. We also see this Justice issue as an easy way to introduce those far from God to Him!

We'd love to pack out the auditorium on Thursday evening, March 4th at 7pm with individuals willing to do something (if just learn) about trafficking. The issue is really starting to get press and I think it will be an easy way to engage people.

The screening is free for any who come.

We will have 3 ministries that will provide concrete next steps for people:

1. Trade as One (Economics/Fair Trade)
2. Salvation Army's STOP IT (A Chicago response)
3. Warm Blankets Orphan Care International (helping provide rescue, support and housing for vulnerable children (Globally)
4. Of course, Call+Response will have their activities that they do (which are great).

They will each have a booth and also will be highlighted in our next run of classes that start the following week. Nathan George, Elyse Dahlberg and Craig Muller will each teach a week on the class entitled: After the Film for people that want to go deeper on the issues. see link for details:

I'd love for you to be involved in bringing this film to the North Shore - even if it is using your networks to expose people to the film. You WILL NOT be disappointed by having anyone you know attend. By getting people here God and the film will do the rest. :)

If you can make a short informational/vision casting meeting of the film with take away communication tools available to you to promote to friends, family, schools, businesses, etc. We'd love to have you attend. Meeting is 5:45-6:15pm Thursday, January 14th in room 101 at the North Shore campus.

Let me know if you can help!


The Willow Creek North Shore Campus is located at:
Christian Heritage Academy
315 Waukegan Road
Northfield, IL 60093

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