Sunday, April 19, 2015

Book Recommendation: "Major League Dad"

Book Review by Sharon Watkins

The title, "Major League Dad," caught my eye because my son loves baseball. I was also intrigued because the front cover states, "The Moving Story of an All-Star Pitcher Who Gave Up Baseball for His Family." Wow, that must be one special man to give up a life long dream to play baseball in order to be a dad. Now I really had to read this book. How does this story relate to you? Well, not until almost halfway through the book did I realize that Tim and Chris adopted four children internationally.

Their story deals with so many issues many of us have faced or have seen other married couples face: alcoholism, tragedy, death, loss, trauma, infertility, marital challenges/struggles, career moves, commitment, achievements, sacrifices, and so on. However, in the end, Tim and Christina learned through counseling and faith that they had to put God first, their marriage second, children third, etc. Wait, did she just say, God first? Yes, and I don't mean to insult anyone by this. I myself wondered what that had to do with the title and baseball. However, it was a very good book that helped me to realize everyone, even multi-million dollar All-Star major league pitchers have crosses to bare and choices to make.

If you are able to find this book online, please give this book a chance and read it. Tim and Christina alternate stories of their trials and triumphs through out the book while taking us on their life's journey from childhood and ending with Tim's retirement. This is one couple's heartwarming lesson about learning to set priorities and making time for things that matter.

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