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"Empowered to Connect" Training

Empowered To Connect Parent Training
Connect Course has arrived in Chicagoland!
Classes starting in April for
Adoptive, Foster & Safe Families Parents!
The ETC Parent Training class is limited to no more than 10 couples/singles so that we can ensure that the class does not become too large and inhibit the designed participation and interaction.  We will accept participants on a 'first come first serve' basis.  Class dates: Thursdays  6:30 – 8:30pm  April 10 -  June 5 (in ElkGrove /Schaumburg area)
If you want to participate in the Spring 2014 training, please reply by March 22nd to

To view videos on ETC and Children from Hard Places, visit

Empowered To Connect (ETC) Parent Training is an interactive learning experience designed specifically for adoptive and foster parents. The ETC Parent Training was developed by Michael & Amy Monroe (from Empowered To Connect) and relies heavily on the Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) model developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and her colleagues at the TCU Institute of Child Development ( 

The material covered in the training is based upon the Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) model developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and her colleagues at the TCU Institute of Child Development. In many ways, TBRI is the formalization of what Dr. Purvis originally presented in her 2007 book, The Connected Child.  In addition, we incorporate other resources into the training that are consistent with TBRI. A complete list of the resources used for the training is available.

Please keep in mind that we do require that married couples attend the training together, and we ask that all participants commit to attend the entire training. Singles are also welcome, but we do ask that they make an effort to identify someone from their support team (i.e., a parent, friend, etc.) and encourage them to attend/train with them.  We understand that occasionally unforeseen circumstances will require a parent to miss a class, but we ask that you make every possible effort to attend all of the classes as the material is designed to build on itself and therefore an understanding of all the material is critically important. 

In addition, we want to make you aware that there will be weekly homework assignments that you will be required to complete[ and turn in].  These homework assignments are critically important aspects of the overall training and learning process.  We are fully aware that these requirements make the ETC Parent Training a very significant commitment on your part, but we believe you will agree that the commitment and investment required will be completely worth it in the end.

The fee for the entire training (including all required resources) is $225 per family. There is no cost for a single's support team member to attend.  Please know that we have worked diligently to keep the cost of this training to a bare minimum, and this fee goes solely to cover the actual costs of the required resources and materials.  Neither the trainers or ETC receive any compensation from this training -- other than the satisfaction of sharing these principles and strategies to help more families. [If you simply cannot afford the fee for the training, please let us know as a limited amount of financial assistance is available.]

ETC Parent training is offered several times each year by Steve and Cheryl Pickett for families in the Chicagoland area. For more information about the training visit, or contact Cheryl Pickett at

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