Monday, January 20, 2014

Adoptive Parent Training

Cherry Hill Center Presents....

An Adoptive Parenting Class
Are you dealing with an adopted child who is
angry, oppositional, lying, stealing, hoarding,
defiant, hostile, or aggressive? Are you tired
of the traditional parenting techniques that
don’t seem to work?
We have a word of hope for you!
Join us for a 10-week parenting
course with other adoptive parents
as we explore new ways to break
through to our adopted children,
despite their past experiences of
fear, neglect, and trauma.
This parenting course is based on
the book, Beyond Consequences,
Logic, and Control, Volume 1.
March 3 - May 5, 2014
Lake Zurich, IL
An initial phone interview is required in order to register for the course so
call today to reserve your spot!  Contact Amy Tanner at 847-438-4222 X17 or

Amy Tanner is a Licensed Clinical
Social Worker and has been
working in the field in various
capacities since 1998. She holds a
Master’s degree in Social Work
from the Jane Addams College of
Social Work at the University of
Illinois at Chicago.
Before joining Cherry Hill in 2008,
Amy worked exclusively with
abused and neglected children in
various settings, particularly in the
foster care and adoption arenas.
She has been thoroughly trained in
this Beyond Consequences
approach and is the only Certified
Instructor of this parenting model in
the State of Illinois.


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