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4 Keys to Help Your Adopted Child Thrive at School
Each school year can bring a new set of challenges to adopted kids, no matter how old they are. Explaining adoption, home countries or birth families to new classmates and facing new school projects, can bring on different feelings as children grow.
Join us for a webinar featuring adoptive mom and adoption therapist Judy Stigger, LCSW and Carmen Knight, an internationally adopted person and teacher who works with many adopted kids.
Judy and Carmen will share both professional advice and personal experiences to help parents:
  • Understand what questions, concerns and capabilities children have at different ages/stages
  • Respond when projects or classroom discussions trigger adoption related questions
  • Gain insight into what to do when going to school and getting homework done is a battle
  • Educate teachers and school staff about all types of diversity: racial, blended families, adoption and more.
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