Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ugandan Orphan Finally Sees Justice for His Family

International Justice Mission
nelson-1-4.jpgWhen 13-year-old Nelson’s parents died, he and his siblings faced an uncertain future. At first, relatives took them in and supported them. But as Nelson grew up, these same relatives started harassing and threatening him, trying to get rid of Nelson and keep his home instead.
I just got word that the two relatives who made death threats against Nelson and repeatedly tried to steal his family’s home were convicted for their crimes. This is huge news for Nelson, and it’s a reminder for the whole community that the laws can work – no matter how poor or vulnerable you are.
We met Nelson three years ago. He’d heard that IJM Kampala helps orphans like him when people try to steal their homes.
IJM lawyers stood up for his rights, and social workers provided a safe haven when Nelson and his siblings feared for their lives. We helped them get medical care and stay in school. And now, this conviction means that his violent relatives can’t harm him anymore.
Now that they are safe at home, Nelson, 23, says he’s determined to take care of his siblings and “build a future.”
Thank you for standing with us as we help build a new future for orphans and widows in Uganda.
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Sean Litton
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