Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Special Family Needed

I have been made aware of a unique situation from Adoption-Link, a not-for-profit adoption agency providing humanitarian and adoption services in Haiti. They are trying to locate a very special family to adopt three sisters who were orphaned in the earthquake in Haiti. If you have ever considered adopting from Haiti, adopting a sibling group, or adopting children who have suffered emotional trauma, please consider this request.

Following is a brief description and comments from Jerry Capell, the Board Chair of Adoption-Link:

3 biological sisters ages 13, 9, and 7. The birth father has never been around and abandoned the family many years ago. Their birth mother died in the earthquake despite the girls trying to save her. They have been at Crèche Enfant Jesus since the earthquake. Danielle, the previous Adoption-Link extern in Haiti got to know them over the course of her year in Haiti and feels they may all be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and will need some therapy services. They also received little to no formal education prior to coming to the crèche and therefore it seems the right fit for them would be a family that can home school for at least the first year or more. They also are all three Christians and would need a family that would at least support their faith. Otherwise they are healthy and just want to be adopted. I recognize this is a tall order, but am hopeful through our collective networks we can locate a home for these beautiful little girls. Please feel free to share this email with family, friends, community or religious organizations. More information is available by contacting Heather Breems at Adoption-Link, 708-524-1433 or Heather.Breems@Adoption-Link.org.

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