Monday, November 28, 2011

Beyond Orphan Sunday Webinar

An upcoming webinar and a new web resource can help you make the most of the momentum from Orphan Sunday!

Join November's webinar: Beyond Orphan Sunday

What’s next? How can you best harness the energy built by Orphan Sunday? Join us for this webinar highlighting great resources for both personal action and church orphan ministry. Explore ready-to-go tools and plans for growing engagement - from your family or small group to large ministries. Hear strategies for turning awareness and excitement into tangible plans for defending the fatherless over the year ahead. Orphan Sunday is just the beginning!

Presenters: Jedd Medefind, Chistian Alliance for Orphans & Jason Weber, Hope for Orphans

Date: 1:00 PM Central, Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Online Beyond Orphan Sunday web resources:

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