Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Hope for Kids" Ministry Events

The Hope for Kids ministry at Moody Church in Chicago is hosting two upcoming events.

1. Outpour Prayer Night is a Chicago-area prayer night for As Our Own, a Christ-based community driven movement in India that rescues young girls from certain enslavement. The event is free and will take place on Thursday, Oct. 13th from 7 – 8:15 in room 108 at Moody Church (1635 N. LaSalle, Chicago, IL 60614). We’ll hear a ministry update from the founder, hear testimonies of children rescued, and spend time in prayer and worship for God’s work in the lives of vulnerable children in India.

The ministry has 2 orphanages for mostly children whose mother’s work in red-light districts. Working with their mothers, As Our Own rescues these children out of the districts and gives them a long-term care and solid education—a life-changing gift in India. They also work with local churches to stop the cycle of enslavement in India.

2. Orphan Sunday—11/6/2011—Moody’s worship service will focus on orphan care and will be followed by an Orphan Sunday Luncheon from 1-2:15. Attendees will be served lunch and hear from Carolyn Twietmeyer of Project Hopeful, advocate for adopting children with HIV/AIDS. You'll also hear several testimonies from Moody congregation members who are caring for orphans—whether through adoption, Safe Families, or volunteering with one of 7 ministry partners. Anyone can attend; RSVP here ( ). 

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