Thursday, May 27, 2010


Below, is a list of updates and changes to various international adoption programs, put together by Loving Shepherd Ministries (LSM). It is their goal to keep church ministries and families aware of program fluctuations and changes. In the world of international adoption, a flow of constant change can be expected. To received e-mail updates from Loving Shepherd go to

Russia - There has been uncertainty and unknowns since the tragic incident of the 7-year-old Russian boy, adopted by a U.S. family, who was sent to Moscow on a one-way flight and abandoned. Since this occurred, there has been speculation of a call by the Russian government for a moratorium (suspension) on all U.S. adoptions from Russia. In recent meetings between the Russia and U.S. government, significant progress has been made, and an agreement on basic principles of adoption has been reached. This agreement is to establish an improved intercountry adoption process. Based on this agreement between both countries, the adoption process will continue to be open to new families.

Haiti - As of April 14, 2010, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and U.S. Department of State announced that the Humanitarian Parole program was ending and that Haiti was reopening the adoption process. However, LSM cautions families interested in Haitian adoption that it is still unclear how the adoption process will be affected. The Haiti government is accepting dossiers under the same laws that were in effect pre-earthquake. However, the government is currently looking at new adoption laws. It is anticipated that the Haiti adoption process may actually take longer than it did previously. Therefore, certain agencies have reopened their Haiti program to a limited number of new families. Again, much caution is urged for new applicants, and agencies are asking for much patience.

Ethiopia - As of May 9, 2010, the Court of Ethiopia officially announced that adoptive parents must appear at a federal court hearing for their adoptive child in order for the adoption to be approved. This new requirement will affect all pending and new adoption cases and will now require two trips to Ethiopia for adoptive parents.

Nepal - The U.S. State Department issued an adoption alert for this country on May 4, 2010. Due to the possibility of an indefinite nationwide strike, the adoption process and appointments at the Embassy are halted. According to the U.S. Department of State, "The U.S. government strongly discourages prospective adoptive parents from choosing adoption in Nepal because of grave concerns about the reliability of Nepal's adoption system and the accuracy of the information in children's official files."

Adoption certainly requires much faith, patience and stamina. Please remember: It starts with only one. By listening to God's call we can, one by one, care for the needs of the orphans worldwide. It only takes one person, one family, one church, one heart and one passion to bring the message of the orphan to God's huge family.

If your church or families have any questions or concerns in regards to adoption, please feel free to contact Jen Schwartz, LSM Adoption Services Manager, at

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