Sunday, May 23, 2010

ORPHANetwork In Need of Computer Software for Nicaraguan Children

The following message is from ORPHANetwork, a ministry that serves orphans and vulnerable children in Nicaragua. Please help them if you can.

Have you ever been sitting on a couch with your computer, fuming at some paralyzing, ridiculous problem with the technology, only to see it fixed by someone less than a fourth of your age?

Either way, it's becoming the norm that children grow up with computer skills. And when something becomes critical to growth and success in society, ORPHANetwork wants to jump on it to give our kids every opportunity possible for a new life.

Amerigroup has given our children 50 laptops, and 7 full desktops to equip our orphanage partners to teach computer skills to each and every one of our children. These computers will make their way into feeding center 'cyber cafes', into our orphanage classrooms, and allow our children to fully develop in the technology arena.

We're beyond grateful to Amerigroup for their gift, and excited for their partnership in raising our children.

There's one step left to the equation, and it's where you come in: ORPHANetwork is in need of software to run each and every one of those 57 computers. They're coming to us wiped totally clean, with no operating systems, no software packages, no programs.

So we're calling out to you! WE NEED COMPUTER PROGRAMS!

Do you have spare licenses of your current operating system or software? Maybe you bought a 'family pack' and only used a few licenses. Do you have friends with spare programs?

Specifically, we're looking for:
1. Windows operating systems
2. Microsoft Office (for least Word and Excel).

We want our kids to learn how to type; to learn programs like Excel; to be given every opportunity out there. Will you help us and be a part of it?

If you've got a spare program, or would think about gifting a new package to us - send it to our address:

1500 N. Great Neck Rd.
Virginia Beach, VA, 23454

Thanks so much for coming alongside our kids as we lay every opportunity possible at their feet!
Cole Bingham
Director of Communication and Marketing

ps - sorry Mac users, we're only looking for PC products, but you can absolutely still find friends with PC software and make those connections for us!

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