Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Resources from the 2009 Christian Alliance for Orphans Conference

The following is a list of resources that were purchased at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Conference in Dallas, TX. If you would like to view or listen to any of these key note addresses or breakout sessions, please e-mail Dina at avoiceforhischildren@gmail.com.

D.V.D. #1 Dennis Rainey (Family Life) & Rob Mitchell (author of “Castaway Kid”)

D.V.D. #2 Dr. Russell Moore (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) &
Lightning Alhers (testimony: adoptee from Liberia)

D.V.D. #3 Elizabeth Styffe (Saddleback Church) and Mariela Clark (Vision Trust International)

D.V.D. #4 Dr. Tony Evans (Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church) &
Joscelynn Carbonell (testimony:foster child)

C.D. #4 Practical Ideas for Church Adoption/Foster Care Ministries (Michael & Amy Monroe, Irving Bible Church)

C.D. #9 A Theology of Adoption: Six Truths About Our Adoption from the Book of Romans (Daniel Bennet, Bethany Baptist Church)

C.D. # 11 Getting in the Way of Trouble: What Every Church Should Know When Intervening in the Lives of Foster Children & Families (Chris Padbury, Project 1:27)

C.D. # 15 Orphan Care, Adoption, and God’s Story of Redemption (Dan Cruver, Together 4 Adoption)

C.D. #18 Using the Heart Gallery as a Way to Raise Awareness & Mobilize People to Serve (Penny Cook, Irving Bible Church & The Faith Connection)

C.D. #22 How Foster Care Agencies Can Serve the Local Church (Suzanne Sims, Arrow Child & Family Ministries)

C.D. #28 Welcomed In: A Trinitarian Approach to Adoption (Greg Fields, Westminster Presbyterian Church)

C.D. #32 Mobilizing the Local Church to Serve Children in Foster Care (Tom Lukasik, 4KIDS of South FL)

C.D. #34 Engaging Youth & College Age for Orphan Ministry (Emily Richards, Shaohannah’s Hope, Brenda Niemyer, Campus Crusade & Paul Pennington, Hope For Orphans)

C.D. #38 Wait No More: Finding Families for Colorado’s Waiting Kids (Kelly Rosati, Focus on the Family & Dr. Sharen Ford, State of CO)

Book: “Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches” by Russell D. Moore

Book: “Thriving as an Adoptive Family: Real-Life Solutions to Common Challenges” by David & Renee Sanford

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