Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Positive Adoption Language

Part of the stigma associated with adoption comes from the language that people have traditionally used when speaking about it. The following lists examples of positive adoption language that you should use and negative language you should avoid.


Birth parent verses Real parent natural parent

Birth child verses Own child, real child, natural child

My child verses My adopted child

Born to unmarried parents verses Illegitimate

Make an adoption plan verses Give up, put up for adoption

Decide to parent her baby verses Keep her baby

International adoption verses Foreign adoption

Adoption triad verses Adoption triangle

Child in need of a family verses Unwanted child

Unplanned pregnancy verses Unwanted pregnancy

Could not conceive or could not carry pregnancy verses Could not have children, barren

Parent verses Real parent

Search verses Track down

(Taken from "Adoption For Dummies")

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