Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Parenting Videos from Hope for Orphans

• Is your family considering adoption? Chances are that child will have a high risk of arriving in your home with a background of neglect, abuse or trauma. 
    • Are you an adoptive family who is struggling, perhaps even in crisis because of the effects of neglect, abuse or trauma?
    • Have you tried programs meant to help provide behavior modification in your home but you still feel the wheels are coming off in your home? 
ROOTED, the new digital Parenting Resource has been released this morning. Rooted has been designed for families with needs like these. It is a content on demand resource with 16 videos, study guide and more that you can download now. 

*Between now and December 31st we have a special promo code to get this full collection for your computer at $59.95 which is much less than the normal price of $83.99 after January 1st. The promo code is: Hope


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