Tuesday, December 8, 2015

7 Major Trends in the Christian Orphan Care Movement

7 Major Trends 

in the Christian Orphan Care Movement 2015

What Christianity Today described as "the burgeoning orphan care movement" is never static.  Even as it grows, the movement continues to develop and mature.  Major trends and changes, both external and internal, demand discernment and creativity.  Join CAFO President Jedd Medefind to explore seven of the most significant trends of 2015, both across the U.S. and globally.  This 30-minute webinar will include:
  • Growth and changes in church adoption and foster engagement
  • The expansion of locally-led movements around the world
  • Major challenges along the road ahead
  • The impact of your investment in CAFO and key 2016 CAFO priorities

Jedd Medefind, CAFO President

Wednesday, December 16
1pm (Central)

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