Sunday, June 14, 2015

Learn How You Can Support Foster Families


Everyone Matters!

When a family welcomes a child from foster care, family dynamics undergo enormous changes.
The new family member often arrives with many new time-consuming events such as caseworker meetings, biological family visits, dentist and doctor appointments, and evaluations with mental health providers and therapists.  All of this time focused on a single child may leave other children in the family feeling left out and unimportant.
In order to create a united, thriving family, parents need to ensure each family member feels heard and cared for; that everyone in the family has a voice. With a little extra effort and help from support team members, foster parents can give voice and needed attention to all family members.

Ways to Support Individual Connection


Support team members can give parents the time and space to connect with each child individually by:
  • Deliver meals to the family you’re supporting so they can spend meal-prep time with an individual family member.
  • Volunteer to spend extra time with the other children. Take them out for a treat, drive them to after-school activities or help with homework one night each week.
  • Build a special connection with one child, be proactive about checking in and find out how that child is adjusting to the changes within their family.
  • Spend time with the child in foster care in order to give the rest of the family time together to assess and openly share about transition challenges.
  • Offer to pick up all the children and take them swimming at your neighborhood pool so parents can have time to work on their relationship.




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