Friday, March 1, 2013

Webinar: Building Bonds of Attachment

Building Bonds of Attachment: Practical, Expert Advice
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Secure parent-child attachments are essential for children. Often, adoption can pose challenges to the attachment process. Circumstances prior to adoption, either in utero, in an orphanage or in foster care, can create serious barriers to attachment.
Join us for a webinar with Deborah Gray, an adoption therapist specializing in attachment, grief and trauma issues in children. Deborah will provide practical steps that move parents toward secure attachments with their child.
  • Recognize behaviors that are common in adopted children who have experienced trauma
  • Learn bonding activities that result in healthy relationships in the short term and throughout childhood
  • Maintain relationships with children already in the home
Submit your questions for Deborah Gray HERE or by tweeting them to @adoptiontweet using #ALPAttach13

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