Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Harvey Carey Speaks at Volunteer Rally at Willow Creek

Harvey Carey Speaks at Volunteer Rally

“By investing just three hours on a Saturday morning, people could expand their worldviews drastically,” says Heather Larson, director of Willow Creek’s Compassion & Justice team. “No passports, no shots, no plane tickets. Just come to the rally!”

“At the Compassion & Justice Rally, people can gain an in-depth look into various topics such as peacemaking, community building, and more,” says Austin Brown, Willow’s church engagement director and coordinator for the rally. “Harvey Carey, senior pastor of Citadel of Faith Covenant Church in Detroit, kicks things off with a keynote message followed by breakout sessions from Willow staff and justice advocates who bring stories from their lives plus hands-on advice, and Christ-like wisdom to each topic.”

Beyond the walls of the church
“Harvey is all about taking the church beyond the walls of their building,” Austin says, “and that is the heartbeat of our Compassion & Justice team. Our neighborhoods may be different from his, but our goal is the same: to bring the hope of Christ into our community. We want to learn and be challenged by Harvey’s story.”

The Compassion & Justice Rally aims to equip and encourage current volunteers—and anyone interested in learning more about Willow’s role in bringing compassion and justice to our world. “Our volunteers are our team’s most valuable resource,” says Austin. “The amount of time, energy, and giftedness our volunteers contribute to the work of compassion and justice at Willow Creek is staggering. They make a huge impact and we want to be good stewards of the passion and skills they offer.”

Compassion & Justice 101
But investing in current volunteers isn’t the only goal.

“We’re excited to introduce potential new volunteers to the work of Willow’s Compassion & Justice ministry,” Austin says. “The rally is a great way for anyone to grow in their understanding of the complex issues of compassion and justice, and to learn how Willow Creek volunteers make a difference.”

Heather will teach Compassion & Justice 101, a breakout session created specifically for anyone not currently involved in Compassion & Justice. Willow’s new Care Center will open in a few short months and the expanded services will mean the C&J volunteer teams will expand as well. “We have a place for you to serve,” says Heather. “In fact, we need you! Explore the Rally. Perhaps you will sense God nudging you to invest your spiritual gifts, talents, and skills on one of our teams.”

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Compassion & Justice Volunteer Rally

8:30–11:30 a.m., Saturday, March 2
Willow Creek’s South Barrington campus
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