Monday, May 9, 2011

A Really Cool Opportunity for Children Adopted from China

The following message is from Jenny Bowen, Founder and CEO of Half The Sky, an organization that supports orphans in China.

The national training program that will finally allow Half the Sky to bring a caring adult into the life of every orphaned child will officially launch on Children’s Day, June 1. It will be called The Rainbow Program. This Children’s Day, we ask for voices instead of money.

We told you that great things are about to happen for China’s orphans. Now we call all adopted children who began their lives in China to join us in celebration at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing!

On June 1st, Half the Sky and orphaned children from welfare institutions all over China will come together to celebrate a remarkable new era by singing together – “Let the World Be Filled with Love.” Through the magic of the internet, we invite all Chinese adoptees around the world to join us onstage!

Simply visit our website ( and follow the directions to download a singalong video. Then videotape your child or children listening to playback through earphones and singing along. When you have a video ready to submit, email us at and we’ll tell you how. We will take all the individual videos and bring them together into one incredible film that will be projected behind a live children’s chorus. You can be sure that we’ll make a DVD of this extraordinary event available to all who participate.

It is not important to sing the words perfectly – children who know no Mandarin at all can participate. What is important is that our children – wherever they are in the world – have the opportunity to stand behind their little sisters and brothers in China as we celebrate this dream come true.

There’s no time to waste. Our deadline for submission is midnight on May 15!

Come truly be a part of our One Big Family.

With love and gratitude,

Jenny Bowen, Founder and CEO

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