Monday, June 7, 2010

Worth the Wait!

The following is a wonderful testimonial from Buckner International (

At this moment, there are many waiting on something. That object may be a breakthrough in marriage, finances, a job, healing and the list goes on.

Three years ago, we said "yes" to God's calling to adopt one of His special children in Guatemala--Juan Pablo.

We had been on a couple of Buckner mission trips to the country to minister to orphans and we returned to the U.S. with our hearts burdened to do something more. Admittedly, we were a scared young couple who had suffered pregnancy loss several times.

Initially, our hearts were set on the adoption of a perfect little baby through an agency. But when we brought our desires before the Lord, He reminded us of an older child with scars on his face and a possible terminal illness. In addition to the difficulty of dealing with physical needs, the adoption process would cost a great deal of money and require time along with sacrifice.

By submitting to God's will at that moment, we didn't receive a timeline as to when we might bring our future son home or even an advanced payment to cover the cost of the journey. We had no idea how difficult it would be to spend a few days with our son, and have to leave him for several months while carrying on a distant relationship.

The journey with God over the following three years rocked our world. We experienced miracles and God moving mountains right in front of our eyes. We began to see things through His eyes and just how beautiful Juan Pablo and the other special needs children were in his home.

We found ourselves completely dependent on the Lord as we waited on Him to move and advance us toward the object of His calling. We became weary and discouraged through the process, but our God was faithful to renew our strength and encourage us. Hebrews 10:36 says "For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise..." We learned that only by yolking with Jesus through the journey and enduring the wait would we be able to receive the rich blessing of His promise. We have been home for five months now with Juan Pablo, and every day the words "Mama" or "Papa" and "I lub you" in English melt our hearts. We thank God for leading us to this treasure that was well worth the wait.

Our prayer is that you also will be encouraged to find joy in your time of waiting by allowing God to penetrate your heart to grow in faith, patience, and love. Consider today as one day closer to claiming the blessing of His promise in your life.

John and Emily Wiggins are the proud adoptive parents of Juan Pablo, a former Buckner Guatemalan orphan. They recently welcomed their new baby, Samuel, into the family.

Prayer for the Week:
- God, please give us the patience and faith that we need to submit to your plan.
- God, please help Buckner find more loving homes for children like Juan Pablo who need a mom and dad.


Buckner International, based in Dallas, Texas, is a diverse global ministry to children. Our mission is to be a multi-service agency dedicated to the restoration and healing of individuals and the family. In carrying out these services, Buckner adheres to Christian principles delivered with professional competence. Established in 1879, Buckner has answered children's needs throughout our history. Today, their services include a global humanitarian aid program, volunteer missions opportunities, community enrichment and prevention programs, an international network of residential, foster care and transitional housing services, domestic and international adoption, and support programs for children living in orphanages in other countries.

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