Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Insight & Gifts Video from Empowered to Connect

Please click on the link below to hear Dr. Karen Purvis (TCU Institute of Child Development)and Michael Monroe (Tapestry Ministry) talk about the need to help bring healing to adoptive and foster children, and how a new resource tool TCU has developed can help.

As more and more people answer the call to adopt, it is important that we understand that the children that God will bring into our lives through adoption and foster care will likely have deep hurts and needs. Therefore, an important part of our call is to be prepared to be used by God to help these children heal and become whole. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest joys and privileges of adoption – but we know it will not be easy.

The resources and tools offered by Empowered To Connect are designed to help those whom God is calling and has called to answer that call well – to know what to expect, to be ready and prepared and, ultimately, to help bring long-term healing to their child. It is precisely this kind of 'love in action' that we believe reflects what it means to be called by God to adopt.

With this in mind, Empowered To Connect is excited to announce the Insights & Gifts Video Series. This new 16 video series (developed in partnership with the TCU Institute of Child Development ) offers seven insights and seven gifts that are highly relevant for those who are parenting or considering adopting or fostering children from hard places. Empowered To Connect is also developing a discussion guide for this video series, which will be available in May 2010.

We hope that you will watch this new series and be blessed by the insights and gifts Dr. Purvis offers.

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