Monday, February 1, 2010

The Excuse

The following is taken from a family blog called Building the Blocks (

I've had my share of excuses in the past....
Too busy
Not enough money
Not enough time
Too young
Too old
Can't afford it
Already have 4 children
Not sure if it's God's will
Not sure
Can't afford it
What will others say?
What will others think?
People will think we are crazy
What if they are right?
Can't afford it.
What if it's hard on our other kids?
It's not the right time
Not sure if I would be good at it.
House is too small.
Can't afford it.
Not sure if I want to start all over again.
What would we drive?
What if it's to much work?
What if it's too hard?
Can't afford it.

Yet for every excuse God has the answer-

It's all about Him- period.

He must increase,
but I must decrease.
John 3:30

We limit God with our excuses.
We limit God with our fears.
We limit God by putting Him inside a box-
A box we have designed on our own.

But by doing this we are actually robbing ourselves-
robbing ourselves of the blessings.
Robbing ourselves of true joy
Robbing ourselves of truly living.

Because you see when we take 'us' out of the picture
Our worries,
Our fears,
Our excuses,
And we put God in the center of our lives
The possibilities are endless.

He has the way...
He IS the way...
And all you have to do is
stop making excuses and take that first step.
Stop listening to the world.
Stop being afraid of the what ifs-
And listen to the one who knows.
The one who has the answers.
The one who really matters.
The truth is
we don't have to be perfect
because He is.
We don't have to have all of the answers
because He already does.
We don't have to know how
because He will show us.
Each day you wait
is a day that they wait too...

The cost of your excuse is a lot higher than the cost of an adoption
because look at what it's costing them.

Stop making excuses.
They are waiting
And so is He...
To show you the way.


Cecilia Cicka said...

AMEN, Dina! I have used (and still do) many of these excuses, and I say to myself, DO NOT put limitations to God. He can and wants to do immensurable more than what we can think or imagine. He could take care of all these issues by himself – no doubt about it- but he CHOOSES to include us. He chooses to give us the pleasure and the fulfillment that doing HIS will brings. He wants us to join in the adventure, HE wants to take us for a ride… the ride of our life, if we only let Him.

Dina Ackermann, Ministry Coordinator said...

And Amen to you too Cecilia! (smile). ~Hugs, JoAnn