Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This evening, I had the pleasure of being present at the Bartlett Village Board meeting where our Village President, Mike Kelly, proclaimed it National Adoption Awareness Month in Bartlett. He also gave me a chance to say a few words to the Board members, business owners and residents in attendence. Below is the proclamation that was read.

National Adoption Month, 2009
Village of Bartlett
Mike Kelly, Village President

Whereas, children are our greatest resource and the brightest hope for the future of our nation; and

Whereas, the family is the cornerstone of our society, the unit by which we transmit the values and traditions of the past, and is the primary agent which prepares our children to become productive citizens; and

Whereas, every child – regardless of physical, medical or emotional disabilities, age or race – deserves a permanent, caring family and the opportunity to grow in a secure environment; and

Whereas, adoption is a loving and viable way of building a family and providing stability for children who need families; and

Whereas, birth parents – who make the difficult decision to place their children with adoptive families – and adoptive parents – who open their hearts and homes to children – all deserve community support and respect; and

Whereas, National Adoption Month is a time for all Americans to reflect on the dreams of those children who wait for a permanent family, and those families who desire the joys and responsibilities of parenthood; and

Whereas, Bartlett is committed to working as a partner with social service agencies, organizations in communities and child advocates to help recruit and support adoptive families who make a difference in developing positive outcomes for our children;

Now, Therefore, I, Mike Kelly, do hereby recognize November 2009, as NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH in the Village of Bartlett, and I urge all of our citizens to recognize this event and participate in its observance.

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