Friday, August 5, 2016

New Foster Care Research from the Casey Foundation

Foster Care Can Spark Modest Improvements in Child Well-Being, New Research Shows

Posted July 1, 2016, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

For decades, communities have intervened to help children who have been abused and neglected, even without clear data to know which interventions, if any, have worked. According to new research from Kids Insight, a nonprofit grantee of the Casey Foundation, the well-being of many children in foster care  improves while in custody. However, a minority of kids still struggle and agencies need to find innovative approaches to effectively meet their needs.
Kids Insight used the Treatment Outcome Package (TOP) questionnaire, an assessment tool on child well-being, in Colorado, Ohio, North Carolina and Delaware to measure how kids, on average, were doing when they entered care compared to how they were faring at defined points after spending time in care.
“The insights provided by TOP are pretty amazing,” says Tracey Feild, director of Casey's Child Welfare Strategy Group. “While improvements are small, they exist and in many cases are statistically significant.”

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