Sunday, March 20, 2016

Help Spread A Vision for Orphan Care in Columbia!

Hope for Orphans just learned about a special opportunity to host lunch and a 2-hour workshop for up to 800 evangelical pastors and their wives in Medellin, Colombia. Please help then share their vision for orphan care with these leaders!

An Unexpected Opportunity
In a few short weeks, Hope for Orphans has an incredible opportunity to share a vision for fatherless children with the church in Colombia.
Hope for Orphans led the launch and birthing of The Christian Alliance for Orphans in the United States. Today, Hope for Orphans continues to bring vision and resources to help birth gospel-driven movements for the orphan where many of these children live—like in Colombia.
On April 6th, Hope for Orphans has been given the amazing opportunity to host a lunch and 2 hour workshop for up to 800 evangelical pastors and their wives in Medellin, Colombia. This will be part of the Gospel Through Colombia Conference for pastors from Colombia and across South America.
Paul Pennington and Brian Minnix from Hope for Orphans will present on “The Gospel, The Orphan, and Colombia.” Their presentation will bring a Gospel perspective to the connection between spiritual orphans and physical orphans and how the church is God’s answer for this crisis. We will challenge the Pastors that loving orphans in the context of the local church is not optional but an important part of the “visible gospel” to the nation.
We will share practical next steps for how churches can make a difference and explore foster care and adoption for those in their congregations called to serve in this way.

Your Help

We have the funding for the Hope for Orphans team to get to Medellin, but we need help to maximize this kingdom-opportunity. That’s why we're reaching out to you!
We need help with the expenses for the event, luncheon and ground costs since we will also be visiting two orphanages in Medellin and providing lunch to the pastors and their wives (upwards of 800). Some of these pastors—perhaps most—have never had such an experience.
Will you consider investing in this strategic opportunity to honor and provide a vision-casting lunch to pastors representing an entire nation?
We believe the churches represented in this one event could dramatically change the situation for at-risk children in Colombia. Please give today and be a part of making a difference for the Visible Gospel in Colombia.
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