Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Adoptee Reading Resource

 Adoptee Reading Resource

Adoptee Reading Resource is a new site designed to catalog and promote books written by adoptees and other adoption-related books recommended by adoptees.

A blogger, an adoptee and an editor and columnist for Lost Daughters, Karen Pickell created Adoptee Reading Resource to be the go-to site for books of interest to adopted people.

Karen Pickell
"First and foremost, we feature books written by adoptees themselves. Many of these are about adoption, but adoptees are also writing great books that have nothing obviously to do with adoption in any way. We list these titles as well, because we believe adoptees have a unique perspective on life in general. We also link to reviews written by adult adoptees for every title for which we can find them. We do this because we believe adoptees are the best authority on the relevance of any book for adoptees."

To learn more about materials written and reviewed by adoptees, please visit adopteereading.com.

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