Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jeremy Maclin Gives Back to Adopted Kids

 A TORN ACL during training camp that forced Jeremy Maclin to miss the entire 2013 season was nothing compared with the hardships Maclin faced earlier in life.  Growing up in Kirkwood, Miss., in a fatherless household, Maclin increasingly spent time in the home of his youth football coach Jeff Parres and his wife Cindy.

Maclin found himself living full time with the Parres family during his sophomore year of high school and beyond. Today, Maclin has a renewed relationship with his biological mother, Cleo, but growing up, the Parres family provided Maclin with a nurturing environment that fostered his future football achievements.

Maclin overcame the trials of his younger years - and also his ACL injury, with a career-high 980 receiving yards so far this season. Now Maclin is helping children and teenagers do the same through his work with the National Adoption Center, a Philadelphia-based organization founded in 1972 that has helped more than 23,000 kids in foster care find new homes.

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