Monday, August 11, 2014

Opportunity to Serve Children and Incarcerated Moms

Below is a message from Anne Rand, Justice and Employment Services Program Manager at Willow Creek Community Church. 
Greeting Friends!
Sometimes when I think of Heaven, the foremost thought that comes to mind is the reunions!  Re-uniting with cherished loved-ones in that first initial embrace…the idea literally evokes an emotion in me that brings me to tears.  We can only imagine what that might be like!
Incredibly, I’ve witnessed a similar type of reunion here on Earth that created the same pull on my spirit.  The Returning Hearts Celebration sponsored by Awana Lifeline is such an event.  Inmate parents are reunited with their kids for a full day of fun and activities.  If you stood by the sidelines and watched as I did, I think you’d have experienced a moment of transformation…true joy like Heaven will be.
Do you have a heart for those who have been incarcerated, sexually exploited, trafficked, and the children who are most vulnerable and at-risk for being the next victims…..
Join us for Returning Hearts at Decatur Prison
September 27, 2014
Reuniting Inmate Mom’s with their Children
All Day Fun EventJ
Transportation Provided
200 Volunteers Needed in a variety of fun roles!
This is a FREE event—a $20 donation is requested by Awana to offset costs.
Must be 18 years of age or older to serve & pass a background check by the prison.
The registration link for the Decatur Returning Hearts Celebration is now on  line at
After you register, more specific information will come your way. 
For immediate questions or concerns, contact:
Jennifer Smith
Event Management Specialist

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