Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Birth Parent Services at Sunnyridge Family Center



Birth Parent Services

Tell Someone You Know About Our Birth Parent Services 

birth parent servicesDo you know someone working in a clinic or hospital setting who should know about our services to women considering adoption? Help Sunny Ridge spread the word about our services to hospitals, community service providers, and health care clinics. We offer free birth parent counseling and support services to those making important decisions about their child’s future. Sunny Ridge accepts the challenge of providing professional services and practical planning to women during this important time in their life. Women have choices, and our goal is to offer adoption as an option, without pressure, in a way that honors the woman as a parent making decisions for their child. Those who receive our services are not required to place their children for adoption. In fact, many of the women we serve elect to parent their children. If you know someone who would like to learn about our services, please contact Nancy Crouch, Supervisor of Adoption Services, (630) 754-4526.   www.sunnyridge.org

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