Sunday, November 17, 2013

CCAI China Heritage Tours

CCAI is pleased to announce that online registration is now open for all THREE of their Spring and Summer 2014 Heritage Tours!!!  Register online at  to reserve your spot!!
China adoptees of any age travel FREE for all in-china tours!  This is your family’s chance to experience many of the most famous sights in China! Please visit their website for detailed itineraries and additional cost information for each tour.  An additional stop can be added to visit your child(ren)’s orphanage at the end of the main tour.  The 2014 tour dates are as follows: 
Spring Tour: March 21-31, 2014
1st Summer Tour: June 15-25, 2014
2nd Summer Tour: July 13-23, 2014
These tours are open to everyone: CCAI families, non-CCAI families, your friends or relatives.  So please spread the word!  If you are a FCC chapter member in your area, please help get the word out to FCC communities. 
For any questions about the upcoming 2014 tours, please email or call 303-850-9998 x21, x50, x16, x48. 


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