Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Advocacy Opportunity: New Legislation: Children in Families First

Legislation and advocacy can never touch the deepest human needs.  That requires loving hands and open hearts.  But good government policy can enhance the ability of families, organizations and churches to serve well.

The bi-partisan Children in Families First Act (CHIFF) does that.  It will give special focus in U.S. policies and programs to the truth that kids need families.

And your voice is needed to help CHIFF pass!

Without making government bigger, CHIFF will emphasize family preservation, family reunification, and adoption.

Senator Mary Landrieu first announced this legislation at the CAFO 2013 Summit in Nashville.  (See the Summit video a CAFO post on CHIFF here.)
To pass, CHIFF will need help.  We'd encourage you to:
1. Learn more at the main CHIFF website:
 2. Help spread the word about CHIFF on Facebook:
 3. Contact your Senate and House members and urge them to back CHIFF:

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