Saturday, June 15, 2013

Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare

The following is an excerpt from the Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare, who works with children and families in our country's Indian reservations.  I personally have not been aware of the issues surrounding this population, but this organization looks like a good place to start getting educated about our Native American vulnerable children.  To find out more, visit

Things are not okay – not when there is widespread, yet horribly ignored physical and sexual child abuse occurring every day on reservations across America.  Does it happen off the reservation as well?  Of course!  But that’s another mission and not an excuse to look the other way while documented horrors are happening to children in Indian Country.

It is time to stop it.   We often hear the excuse that nothing can be done.  “Congress’s hands are tied.”   We all know that’s just an excuse from those who are too afraid, too apathetic, or benefiting too much from the status quo to be bothered.   It’s time to make children more important than politics and do what is necessary to help and protect them.  Would you want your own child to be in the same position some of these children are in, without a hope that anyone is going to help?

WE CARE:  The Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare (CAICW),  formed for Charitable, Religious, and Educational purposes as both a Christian Ministry and a Family Advocacy, is interested in the total well-being of the individual and Family.

CAICW has ministered with music and teaching in Mexico, USA and Canada.

CAICW has advocated since 2004 for families at risk of harm from the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). Our advocacy has been both judicial and educational, as well as a prayer resource for families and a shoulder to cry on.

We also advocate for individuals and parents interested in health, growth and God  – yearning for dependence on the Lord and independence from welfare entitlements and control, but who don’t feel like it is an option they can attain easily due to conditions around them or various confines within federal policy.  We are here to support, encourage and educate.

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