Friday, December 28, 2012

Russian Adoptions Update

The following is an update from the Joint Council on International Children's Services.  If you are in the process of adopting from Russia, please note the Joint Council survey at the end of this page. 

Would everyone else please join me in fervent prayer for the children and families affected, as well as those who are advocating at national and international levels.

Update: Putin Signs Law Banning Intercountry Adoption

December 28, 2012

In what we can only describe as a tragedy, earlier today President Putin signed the ban on intercountry adoption. The law goes into effect on January 1, 2013 and while some details remain unclear, it is being reported that the law supersedes the bi-lateral adoption agreement between the US and Russia. The status of the adoptions currently in-process is not assured at this time.
The closure of Russia to intercountry adoption follows what is now an all too familiar string of tragedies. Children in Vietnam, Nepal, Romania and too many other countries suffer the life-long effects of institutionalization due to the elimination of intercountry adoption as a viable option. However unlike other closures which were generally based on child protection issues, the Russian ban is particularly stinging in that it is an act of politics, pure and simple.
As a professional advocate for children and the father of two Russian born children, this ban by the Russian government is a loss for my head and my heart….but most of all a loss for the children of Russia.

Best Wishes,
Tom DiFilipo
President & CEO

Joint Council reminds those families who are in the process of adopting from Russia of the U.S. Dept. of State’s requests that families currently in the process of adopting a child from Russia email the Department of State at . Families should state the stage and status of their adoption and use “Intercountry Adoption in Russia – Family Update” in the subject line of the email

Joint Council will continue to engage in collaborative efforts with and through US and Russian government officials, the Department of State, Congressional offices, Joint Council Partners, NGOs and advocates in both countries. We will provide updates on this situation as they become available. To receive Joint Council updates regarding Russia, individuals are urged to sign up for our Russia email alerts, which can be done by clicking here (Select “Country and Issue Specific Information” and then select “Russia”).
Joint Council's Russian Ban on Intercountry Adoptions Survey
In response to the recent ban of intercountry adoptions in Russia, Joint Council is collecting information to create a database of families currently referred children in need of a permanent family. If referred more than one child, please complete the survey for each child you are in the process of adopting.
You will need to provide information regarding your referral including the date and region of the referral and birthday of the child referred. Please contact your adoption service provider if you need additional information regarding your referral as accurate information is important.
Information provided will be utilized to assess the extent of the situation and more effectively advocate for these cases. Please complete this survey if you have been referred a child, so we can fully assess all those involved. To assist with speedy advocacy, please ensure you have completed the survey by January 4, 2013.
The information you provide will be shared with the US Department of State, members of Congress, and USCIS.
Please click here to participate in the survey.

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