Monday, June 25, 2012

Seeking a Forever Family for Job

Below is a message from Paul Pennington of Hope for Orphans.

If there were ever a child given a name that resonates with his life so far, it is this one. Job was born in Haiti in 2001. Shortly after the earthquake, Job was dropped off at Mission of Hope, a Haitian orphanage. Our friends at Hope for Haiti and Sparrow’s Home Adoptions, in working with Mission of Hope, learned about Job and brought him to America.

Job has a rare skin condition called XP. Basically this means he is allergic to the sun. When exposed to the sun Job develops lesions on his skin and internally.  When he was dropped off at the orphanage, one of his eyes was hanging from its orbit, but American surgeons on the USS Comfort removed his eye and stabilized him.
Job has limited vision in his left eye and as a result of his life experience is developmentally delayed. Because of the condition of his face before the earthquake, he used to hide in the corner and was a slave for washing dishes in the river, which greatly inflamed his XP after being abandoned as a younger child. But when love came into his life, a transformation began.
Job came to America and lived with an American family in Texas to get medical treatment and has made great progress over the last 2 years. But Job’s greatest need, other than Jesus, is for a family of his own. So far no one has stepped forward. We believe that the Lord has a family for Job -- one that will see thru his tortured skin and missing eye. A mom and dad that will both see and appreciate the heart of a little boy from hard places, made in the image of the most high God. A little boy who was abandoned and left at a door, but not separated from the love of God. A little boy with a silly laugh and growing vocabulary.
Would you consider printing Job’s picture and asking your family to pray for him and his need for a family? As you pray for Job, remember that we should count it joy to love and pray for those who suffer......... as we worship the One who suffered and died for us.
If you or someone you know might like to learn more about adopting Job, please call 830-798-5446 or email

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