Monday, March 5, 2012

Seminar: Understanding our "Disconnected Kids" from a Brain-Based Perspective

This presentation will provide a solid understanding of the root causes of your child’s challenges.  A clear understanding of the problem is vital to stepping forward with solutions that work. 

Dr. Jeremy Fritz will present this workshop to gain a thorough understanding of the “whys” of the issues your child faces.  His goal is to impart a solid foundation on which you can build successful strategies for your children/students.

Where :  The Chapel – Grayslake Campus
When :  March 28th    7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Cost  :  FREE!
Register:  email to pre-register.  This will help us to have the right setup for the number of attendees.

Note:  child care is not available for this event 

About Dr. Fritz
Dr. Jeremy Fritz is the Executive Director of the Brain Balance Achievement Centers of Milwaukee and Chicago. Dr. Fritz studied under childhood neurobehavioral expert, Dr. Robert Melillo, creator of the Brain Balance Program. Dr. Fritz is passionate about helping children suffering from neurobehavioral and learning disorders through natural brain-based mechanisms. Dr. Fritz is also a parent educator on various health related topics and strives to provide parents with a deeper understanding of the current research as it relates to childhood developmental disorders.

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