Monday, September 5, 2011

Vulnerable Children Classes At Willow Creek

The Compassion & Justice (C&J) ministry at Willow Creek/South Barrington will be hosting a 3-week class entitled "Earth's Most Vulnerable Residents - And Why You Matter To Them".

Children, society’s most vulnerable, look to their parents for safety, shelter, and a loving environment, but all too often, instability from a variety of sources threatens the sanctity of this design. Consider how you can provide support, education and life-changing guidance to the most vulnerable.

Week 1 will focus on care for the unborn and coming alongside women who are navigating the complexities of unplanned pregnancy; Instructor: Staff from Caris Pregnancy Counseling & Resources.

Week 2 will challenge all of us to consider true biblical hospitality by opening our home to a child for either a temporary or long-term solution. Instructor: Staff from Lydia Home/Safe Families for Children.

Week 3 explores mentoring an at-risk child in a local neighborhood school. Instructor: Staff from Kids Hope.

I encourage you to attend all 3 weeks. If you are an adoptive, foster or Safe Family, I especially encourage you to come on week two, when a representative from Lydia/Safe Families will be talking about the importance of adoption, foster care and Safe Families in our churches and communities. Please come and support this class and be available to anyone who might want to talk to someone who is already traveling this road.

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