Monday, August 29, 2011

Orphan Sunday Campaign on a Roll!

With the 2011 Orphan Sunday campaign just underway, myriad events are already brewing. Across the U.S, plans are being laid for city-wide concerts and multi-church gatherings….church services and Sunday School classes…more. Individual families making plans, too, including the Orphan’s Table meal, along with prayer and discussion.

Like never before, the vision is starting to spread around the world, too. The new Russian language website recently launched for Ukraine and Russia.

Additional new-language sites are in the works, too. And local campaigns are starting up from the Philippines to Romania to Kenya.

Orphan Sunday is a chance for anyone to spread the vision of God’s love for the fatherless in a church, community or family! Harness the many RESOURCES and easy-to-use EVENT IDEAS on the Orphan Sunday website, and then post your plans on the EVENT MAP!

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