Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ode To The Abused Child


To all those who -
hear the stories
or witness the bruises
and notice
and stop the world
and time
and the spin
are sick of excuses
and finger pointing
and waiting for officials to act
or government to solve problems
or parents to grow up

To all those who -
can't wait for the cycle to wind down
or the qualified to intervene
or meth to vacate from our neighbors
or fathers to exhaust their rage

To all those who -
are willing to be educated
and feel inadequate
and get dirty
and wade into the filth of humanity
and expose your heart

And you -
don't mind having your world collide with suffering
or gut wrenched
and tears gushed because of inequity
or believe that there has to be a better way
and will shift time and money to captain change

So I declare -
I will rise
I will see
I will fully feel and act
I will be bold
and rude
and loud about love

I will not mistake money for power or authority for responsibility
or even permission for a purpose
I will not hesitate or think it’s someone else's problem or job
I will own it
I may not stop it
but I will slow it down and I will inject hope
and I will rescue one, maybe two
today, someone is me
today, no one is me
today, everyone is just me
child abuse sucks for everyone -

so I declare:
I am the solution!

Glenn Garvin - June 2009

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