Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hands Around The World

Me(left) With my Friends

My name is Anna Lee and I just turned 10 on June 23. My mom works in the kitchen for Hands Around The World, which is what I got to go to. At HATW (Hands Around The World) there are different groups of adopted kids like, KIS (which stands for Korea,Indian, and South Asia), African American, Latin American, Eastern Europe, and of course China! Since I was born in China I got the experience going to this culture camp. What I got to do was so amazing! Also what is so nice about it was that I got to go with 3 of my China Group friends, Amy, Hannah and Madison! I got to learn about my culture. This year it was about the land. In history we made a diorama of the land. In Music we got to sing a song in Chinese so then we can learn some of the songs that they do in China. In Written Language we got to re-write a poem written by a famous poem writer named Bay Juy. Also for lunch we got to taste what people eat in different countries which is a great experience. It really means a lot when I can go to this camp and learn, learn, and learn so much.

(Hands Around the World is a culture camp for adopted children. For more information visit www.handsaroundtheworld.com.)

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Chinamama4 said...

What a great post, YuYu! Thanks for sharing your HATW experience with everyone! I know my girls always love sharing this week with their special China girlfriends! I'm so glad you can all have this time together!